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If you have any problem while using Remove China Apps mobile application, here is how to contact the developer. Register Online Complaint to Remove China Apps developer using customer care helpline email id. Common problems includes:

  • App crashes soon after start
  • Not covering all chinese app
  • Problem in detecting chinese app
  • Unable to install Remove China Apps
  • Unable to delete all chinese apps etc.

Amidst of rising tension between India and China, Boycott chinese products sentiment is growing high in India. Now the next product getting attention is Mobile Apps of Chinese origin. So there is this app name “Remove China Apps” you just have to install Remove china apps. It will run a thorough check on your mobile phone and uninstall all apps of chinese origin.

Remove China Apps Customer Care

Contact the customer care helpline of Remove China Apps using the official email id and direct contact form of the developer. If you are facing any of the above mentioned problem or any other issue, please report it immediately to the developer for the possible solution.

Customer Care Helpline Remove China Apps
Complaint Customer Care Email id[email protected] | [email protected]
Register Online ComplaintFill Complaint Form(Go to Contact Us)
Device Permission DetailsFull Network Access
Remove China Apps Privacy Policy
RCA Privacy Policy

Download Remove China Apps

Although, Remove China Apps Mobile application is currently (June-2020) available for Android users. Users can download it from Google Play Store. So far, Remove China Apps Mobile app is not available for iPhone/ iOS users.Download Remove China Apps for Android Users, Click Here. Please follow these steps to install it in your android phone (Requires Android 4.0.3 and up).

  1. Go to the Google Play Store in your mobile phone
  2. Type “Remove China Apps” in the search bar
  3. Install the app and run it, Here how its opening will look like

Remove China Apps Android Opening Screen

       4. Then after, follow the onscreen instructions

Remove China Apps iOS Version

Since the parent developer organization of Remove China Apps i.e. OneTouchAppLabs rolled out only android version. Soon after the gaining the popularity among the users, it shall launch the iOS version of Remove China Apps for iPhone users. We shall update the same as soon as Remove China Apps iOS/ iPhone version is available.

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