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KBC Fraud Online Complaint Lottery Scam Helpline Number, Email id Identify Fraud/ Fake & Actual Caller

Register KBC Fraud Online Complaint using Helpline Number and email id. Kaun Banega Crorepati is very popular quiz show and participants can win up to 7 crore. Many people are receiving fraud calls and messages stating that your number is selected for lottery. Fraudster also claim that you have won a lottery of 25 Lac rupees. After they ask for you to deposit Tax and processing fee of Rs. 8000/- (may vary). And after that they ask for security clearance of Rs. 25000/- (or vary).

Please do not believe such messages and calls and report them to the Police helpline number and email id. Here is the contact details for registering KBC Fraud Lottery Complaint. Despite of all efforts, some people yet fall for the prey and end up losing their money. Please do not entertain such calls and lodge complaint. The official KBC participation process and how to know the fake or genuine caller is available.

KBC Fraud Online Complaint

not only you have to ignore such calls and messages, but also register KBC Fraud Complaint online. Firstly we will explain the exact procedure to participate in KBC. Please note that you can be a part of KBC only by following procedure. Any other claiming that you are a winner of lottery or alike and demands money is a fraud.

Register Online Police KBC Fraud Complaint
  1. Bihar Police Online Complaint (Register)
  2. Jharkhand Police (Register Complaint)
  3. UP Police Fraud Complaint (Register Now)
  4. Register Now (All States)
National Crime Records Bureau Email id [email protected]

Now a days, fraud complaints toll is rising like never before. As of now the only way to counter the fraudsters is to be aware and create awareness. Please note that neither your bank nor RBI or any prominent organization will ever call you and ask for critical information. All the candidates willing to participate in KBC must read the KBC actual process.

Official KBC Participation Process

Since fraudsters commonly call people in the name of fake lottery and lure them to fall in KBC Fraud. Please read and understand the Official KBC selection process. Here is the procedure.

  • Watch the KBC show daily, KBC host Amitabh Bachhan will ask a question at 8:30 PM
  • You can answer the question via SMS, KBC Mobile App, IVRS or Sony Liv
  • Winner is selected among the correct answers using lucky draw
  • You can also participate in KBC Play Along available in Jio Chat App

Please do not pay any money to anybody and inform police immediately of any such call or message. Furthermore, any individual or agency claiming to get you selected in KBC is fake and fraud.

How to Identify a Fraud Call?

Although, most people are aware of fraud calls but yet sometimes you receive a call which sounds very professional. So how will you identify whether the caller is authentic or fake. Here is the comparison table between fake and authentic caller.

Fraud/ Fake Caller Authentic Caller
Fake caller will call you using some private mobile number Initially, they will never call you regarding any information. For any promotional offer, they use either official or verifiable contact number
Ask for information like Debit/ Credit number, UPI VPA, OTP, ATM Pin and alike details Never ask for any critical information
Will try to authenticate themselves by providing their Aadhar, PAN Card number etc. You can ask for the authenticity of the call
Try to convince you that you will receive the refund in real time while on call, just share the password or OTP Follow the complaint registration process and give you the ticket id
Use bad words once you do not follow the instructions Always remain professional and never ask for anything critical

There are many other parameters to distinguish between the fraud and genuine call. Beware and spread the awareness. Do let us know any case of KBC Lottery Fraud.

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