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Register Jharkhand Police Online Complaint JFOS samadhan.jhpolice झारखण्ड पुलिस शिकायत Download Verification Form

Citizens can lodge Jharkhand Police Online Complaint through Samadhan Jharkhand Police Online Portal. Services like General Complaint, Tenant/ PG Verification, Download FIR, Event or strike request Form are available for download. Jharkhand Online FIR System (JFOS) is also available for complaint registration.

Citizens are generally not very much happy with the kind of response they receive while visiting the police station. However, Jharkhand Police Online Complaint portal samadhan and JFOS will help you online register any crime, download verification forms and apply for permission. Following are the list of services available on Jharkhand Police Online Samadhan portal.

  • Tenant Verification/ किरायेदार सत्यापन अनुरोध
  • General Complaint/ शिकायत
  • Domestic Help Verification/ घरेलू सहायता सत्यापन
  • Event / Performance Request/ घटना / प्रदर्शन का अनुरोध
  • Character Certificate Request/ चरित्र प्रमाण पत्र अनुरोध ​
  • Procession Request/ जुलूस अनुरोध करें ​
  • Employee Verification/ कर्मचारी सत्यापन
  • Protest/Strike Request/ विरोध / हड़ताल का अनुरोध
  • Download FIR/ डाउनलोड एफआईआर

Please read the complete process of registering complaint and other services.

Jharkhand Police Online Complaint Process

Register Online Complaint through Jharkhand Police Samadhan Portal regarding all complaints and other services. Also, to register direct FIR to Jharkhand Police go to JFOS below. Please follow the steps to lodge online Jharkhand police online complaint.

  • Firstly, go to the samadhan jharkhand police portal
  • Register (if not)as new Citizen to the Jharkhand Police CCTNS, Here is how new registration form look.
Jharkhand Police Online Complaint Citizen New Registration Form
Citizen New Registration Form
  • After completing new registration process successfully, you will be redirected to the complaint registration form
  • You can then avail any of the services mentioned above and can register complaint to very particular Police Station wise using the list.
  • It includes all the districts of Jharkhand including
District Wise Jharkhand Police Complaint Register Now
Bokaro Online Complaint Jharkhand Police
East Singhbhum
West Singhbhum

Without logging in, you can avail other services like Download FIR, Information Citizen Tip to Police and Vigilance, Tip to Anti Terrorist Squad etc.

Jharkhand Online FIR System Helpline

Using JFOS (Jharkhand Online FIR System), Citizens can lodge Online FIR Jharkhand Police including all districts. Along with FIR Registration, you can track the status of FIR using Mobile Number and Complaint Id. To register online FIR to Jharkhand Police you must have to Upload the Identity Document of the victim. Lodge Online FIR to Jharkhand Police using JFOS.

Jharkhand Online FIR System

Please note that, in case of fake or bogus complaint, the complainant will be in trouble.

Complaint Against No Police Action Jharkhand

Even when you register the online complaint to Jharkhand Police using the above services, in case of no action please approach higher police officers of the zone. You need following information to escalate your complaint to higher officials.

  1. Victim’s General Details like Name, Mobile No., email id etc.
  2. Valid Complaint/ Service Number
  3. District, Year of complaint registration firstly
  4. To whom have you submitted the complaint originally
  5. Feedback Remarks

Here is the contact information of Jharkhand Police Headquarter.

Jharkhand Police Headquarter
Ranchi, -834004,

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