Capital One Mobile App Online Complaint Official Helpline FRC Help

All the users can register Capital One Mobile App Online Complaint in case of any difficulty. After the recent update the most common problem customers are facing includes Fingerprint Scan not working, Unable to login etc. Here we are providing contact information of Capital One mobile App including Customer Care Helpline Number, Email id. Some other common major issues involve the following.

  • Unable to login using Fingerprint Scan
  • Deposit function not working
  • Showing Wrong Available Balance
  • Capital One Mobile App is Locked
  • Service Error outside USA
  • Unable to redeem credit card rewards etc.

Please note that, after seeing the reactions of users after the recent update, we are suggesting some solutions to common problems. Also it is advisable that if the problem persist, please contact Capital One Mobile App Customer Care Helpline Number.

Capital One Mobile Online Complaint

Although the complaint registration and contact support option is available within the app but what if you are unable to login?. Well don’t worry we are providing the necessary information to lodge Capital One Mobile App Online Complaint. Also we will discuss problem wise solution. Here are some important Capital One Mobile Complaint Helpline information.

Capital One Mobile App Official Complaint Helpline1-800-CAPITAL (1-800-227-4825)/ 866-750-0873/ 877-750-0873/ 1-877-383-4802
Official Complaint Email Id Capital One Mobile[email protected]
Official Customer Service Capital One Mobile Twitter Tweet Now (@AskCapitalOne)
Capital One Mobile Support CenterAll Complaints

Additionally, here we are also providing the suggestive solutions to some of the common problems.

Capital One Mobile Complaint Solutions

Well as we have already discussed common problems, here are some suggestive corrective measures. We will discuss them one by one.

1) Fingerprint Scan not working OR Unable to login using fingerprint

Possible Solution: Login in using password into the Capital One Mobile App and then follow the procedure. Tap on your Profile Pic – Tap on Security – Make sure Fingerprint is switched to “ON“. If it is, try turning off then on again – Confirm the setting with your fingerprint – Sign out and back in If it’s still not working after trying those steps, please give a call at 866-750-0873.

2) Unable to Login even after entering Username & Password correctly

Possible Solution: Try once after restarting the phone and if the problem persist, please call on 866-750-0873. They will positively solve this issue.

For any other problem if even after rebooting the app it is not working, ask for help. Please feel free to contact the Customer Support Helpline available above. A technical customer support representative will try to troubleshoot the problem and shall provide a solution.

FRC Help Contact

Although, Capital One is having a dedicated customer support helpline system, yet if your is still unsolved. You can approach the Federal Reserve Consumer Help against the bank. The complete process to register FRC Help Complaint and pre-requisites list is available. Read here How to lodge FRC Help Complaint.

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